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VIDEO: 48 people lost their lives due to the snowstorm in America, you will also be shocked to see the frozen snow on the houses



New York. Due to the deadly storm in America, thousands of people are facing severe cold and a severe winter continues in many parts of the country. Residents of Western New York are facing heavy snowfall and due to this situation, flights have to be canceled and roads are also blocked. Many videos of this snowfall are going viral on social media seeing which you will also start getting chills.

After 27 people died in storm-related incidents in Western New York, the number of people who lost their lives due to the storm in the United States rose to 48. There is a possibility of further increase in the death toll. Thousands of homes and businesses lost power. Most houses and cars are completely covered in snow.

New York Governor Cathy Hochul quoted a Dec. 25 tweet as saying: “Snow continues to fall and cold air temperature is below zero, due to heavy snow people’s homes look like cages”. Please stay home, stay warm and stay safe, New York.

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