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VIDEO: A walk on the road of zebras! People were surprised, sometimes at crossroads and sometimes caused discord by wandering the streets



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A zebra is seen on the street in Seoul, South Korea.
The zebra had escaped from the zoo and come out on the road.
The video of the zebra running down the road is going viral on social media.

New Delhi. We have all certainly seen zebra crossings on the road. It is also used to cross the road. But have you ever seen that actually a zebra is crossing the road (Zebra On Road), which means you have seen a zebra crossing the road live. Probably not, but in the South Korean city of Seoul, people saw zebras crossing the road live. Indeed, a zebra got lost from the zoo and came out on the road. People were surprised to see zebras on the road.

According to a report in India India Today, the name of this zebra is Siro. The zebra was born in Seoul Children’s Park. Three-year-old Siro escaped from the zoo around 2:40 p.m. According to reports, Siro’s parents died two years ago. After his parents died, he tried to run away from the zoo. When Sero reached the road, people were surprised to see him. Many people started running after seeing it and many made videos. Sero’s video is going viral on social media.

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