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VIDEO: America showed strength! The most advanced military aircraft launched, the high-tech features will blow your mind



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America launches advanced “B-21 Raider” aircraft
Can dodge all the radars in the world
The “B-21 Raider” would be the 6th generation fighter plane

Washington. Amid growing tensions from China, America has included a powerful military aircraft in its war fleet. It is believed that America has been developing this aircraft in a very secret way for years. Now the first glimpse of the newest American nuclear bomber “B-21 Raider” has come before the world. The B-21 raider is called the 6th generation fighter aircraft.

A few photos of the plane were released ahead of its unveiling Friday at the Air Force Center in Palmdale, Calif. It was revealed from these selected images that her color is black. It would later replace the “B-2 Spirit” aircraft. America says this plane was built in preparation for the challenge from China.

Learn B-21 Raider characteristic of

America claims that the technology of this aircraft is quite advanced. No radar in the world can catch it. This plane was specially designed for the nuclear mission. Planes will be able to communicate via cloud computing. Its networking capability is also quite advanced. He can be easily contacted even in bad weather.

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The Pentagon said in a report on China this week that China It is heading towards increasing the number of its nuclear weapons to 1,500 by 2035. Apart from this, the increase in hypersonic capability, cyber warfare and space has created a great security threat nationality and the independence of the United States. Deborah Lee James, who was Secretary of the Air Force at the time of the raider’s contract in 2015, said: “We needed a new bomber for the 21st century, so that we could one day meet more complex threats from China, Russia.”

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Bora Lee James said, “The B-21 is a long-lasting aircraft and because of that we can meet these very tough challenges.” Kathy Warden, chief executive of Northrop Grumman Corporation, the company that built the raider, said the plane is unlikely to fly until 2023. However, using high-tech computing, Northrop Grumman is testing the raider’s performance.

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