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VIDEO: Big explosion in Turkish capital Istanbul, many fear casualties



Istanbul. There was a huge explosion in Istiklal, a busy area of ​​the Turkish capital Istanbul, where many people are feared to be injured. According to local Turkish media, the explosion took place in a street full of passers-by. Several videos after the explosion have also gone viral on social media, in which large numbers of police and ambulances can be seen heading towards the scene. Istanbul’s governor said in a tweet that some people were killed and many injured in the city’s blast.

According to Turkish media, a massive explosion occurred on Sunday in the crowded Istiklal Avenue, in which 11 people were injured. Turkish media gave this information on Sunday. It can be seen in the footage that ambulances, firefighters and police arrived at the scene. The cause of the explosion is unclear. People on social media said shops in the area had been closed.

Flames and loud explosions can be seen in a video posted online. At the same time, after hearing the sound of the explosion, we see passers-by in the market running here and there. There is an atmosphere of chaos throughout the region. The explosion occurred around 4:20 p.m. Multiple TV media showed ambulances and police heading to the scene on popular Istiklal Street in Istanbul’s Beyoglu district.

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