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Video: Camera in front and behind, anchor behind, watching this video from the TV studio won’t stop laughing



Videos linked to news channels continue to go viral on social media, in which presenters are often seen plagued by oops moments. Sometimes these videos are funny too. One of these videos is going viral on social media. In the video that has gone viral, the automatic camera is seen tracking the anchor. However, upon seeing the camera, the anchor begins to follow it.

Automation and digitization undoubtedly make our lives easier. However, technological progress sometimes becomes a cause of trouble for us. A similar technical incident related to a technical glitch was recently captured by a live camera. A newscaster is taken by surprise when an automatic camera suddenly starts working in the newsroom. The camera continues to roll until the anchor sits in its seat. While the anchor reads the news by stepping away from his chair and standing in another place.

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