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VIDEO: Cars started flying through dust storm, collided, 6 died



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The dust storm in America has become deadly.
6 people lost their lives due to the dust storm.
50 to 60 passenger vehicles crashed in the Midwestern state.

Washington. On Monday, US Dust Storm wreaked havoc in America. Police said six people died from Monday’s dust storm. Due to the dust storm, visibility on the US highway was reduced causing approximately 100 vehicles to crash. Illinois State Police said in a statement, “About 50 to 60 passenger vehicles, along with 30 commercial vehicles, crashed in the midwestern state of Illinois.”

According to the AFP news agency, the statement said that two trucks caught fire following accidents that occurred two kilometers apart on Highway 55. This highway is a major road that connects cities such as Chicago and St. Louis. Police said more than 30 people were taken to hospital with injuries ranging from “minor to life-threatening”. The age of the victims ranged from 2 to 80 years.

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