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VIDEO: International insult in Pakistan again, get angry after hearing truth about Kashmir, started abusing, got kicked out



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Pakistani protesters disrupt the Kashmir Forum at the National Press Club in Washington.
Pakistanis were angry at the speech of Mir Junaid, chairman of the Jammu and Kashmir Workers Party (JKWP).
JKWP leader Mir Junaid spoke about the developments in Kashmir and the ground situation on stage.

Washington: Pakistanis once again insulted each other during the Kashmir change discussion at the National Press Club of America. When the Kashmir issue was discussed, the bitter truth was not heard from the Pakistanis and they started shouting on the stage itself, after which they were driven from there. His video is going viral on social media.

According to an ANI report, Jammu and Kashmir Workers Party (JKWP) Chairman Mir Junaid was also present at the National Press Club. The Kashmir Valley Youth leader had traveled to Washington DC to speak about development, peace and the spread of grassroots democracy in the Indian Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. Junaid and Tauseef Raina were invited on stage by the International Center for Peace Studies. The topic “Kashmir – From Turmoil to Transformation” was under discussion in the panel. Please say that Junaid is a writer and a law graduate from Kashmir University.

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