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VIDEO: Joe Biden kept reminiscing, when the kid asked – what country did you last visit, sir?



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The kid asked Biden which country did you last visit.
US President Joe Biden kept remembering the answer to the question.
When the child gave the correct answer, Joe Biden asked, “How do you know that.”

Washington: US President Joe Biden joins a group of children on Take Your Kid to Work Day at the White House. He welcomed the children. Meanwhile, the kids also asked Biden questions about his personal life. Some have asked how many grandchildren do you have? So someone asked which country did you visit last. Biden kept remembering the answer to this question and said it was hard to follow, but when the child answered, Biden was surprised because the answer was correct. This video is also very popular on social networks.

The kid asked Biden, what country did you last visit? Biden said, “I think about the last country I visited. In which country was I the last time? Then he said, “I’ve met 89 heads of state so far, so I’m trying to figure out where was the last one?” It’s hard to keep track. Then a child immediately said, “Ireland! Biden said, “Yes, you are right, Ireland. It was there. After that, the crowd started laughing.

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