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VIDEO: Life has come to a halt due to heavy snowfall in Western New York, emergency declared amid weather service alert – emergency declared for parts of Western New York due to heavy snowfall – America News84Media



New York: Heavy snowfall is seen in many parts of New York, America. The snowfall condition is that it has become difficult for people to leave their homes, and the pace of the city has stopped. The weather service issued a heavy snowfall warning through Sunday. For this reason, New York Governor Cathy Hoshul declared a state of emergency due to heavy snowfall in many parts of western New York.

It is said that there is going to be heavier snowfall in New York. This is why an emergency has been declared in Western New York due to the possible danger of snowfall. The U.S. National Weather Service estimates up to 4 feet of snow could fall by Sunday, which could affect people the most.

Not only that, the Ashtabula County Sheriff in Ohio on Thursday declared a level 3 snow emergency for all areas north of I-90 in the county. It also rains in Michigan. This is why the freezing conditions in these regions forced the Gerald R. Passenger flight delayed at Ford International Airport.

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