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Video: Pilot threatens to crash plane into US Walmart store, police alert



New Delhi: Shocking news comes from America. Here in the city of Mississippi, a pilot threatened to crash a plane. The police gave this information on Saturday. After this threat from the pilot, the police intervened and the process of evacuating people from this area was started.

According to the information, after this threat from the pilot, the police began to contact him directly. Following the threat, the Tupelo Police Department has now begun evacuating the stores built into the Walmart store and, as a precaution, citizens have also been asked to evacuate.

Police said that after the pilot’s threat, all emergency services were also put on alert mode. The pilot is said to be constantly flying the plane over the city. According to the police, this incident occurred at five o’clock in the morning according to the American time. The pilot is said to have threatened the police by calling 911.

After the pilot’s threat, the police intervened and immediately began to evacuate the area. While issuing an alert, the police advised people not to go that way. Along with this, the police have said that one should not proceed to the area until the danger is cleared.

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