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VIDEO: Pilot who threatened US plane to hit Walmart store arrested after landing



Tupelo. The pilot who threatened to hit a Walmart store as a small plane circled over Tupelo, Mississippi, was arrested after the plane landed safely. Governor Tate Reeve gave this information on Saturday. He made the announcement on Twitter, saying, “The situation has been resolved and no one has been injured.”

Governor Tate Reeve said a pilot flew a stolen plane for hours over Tupelo, a town in northeastern Mississippi in the United States, and threatened to “deliberately crash” a Walmart store. Reeve said the pilot was taken into custody after the plane landed safely.

Earlier, Governor Tate Reeve wrote on Twitter, “State law enforcement and emergency officials are closely monitoring this dangerous situation.” All citizens should be vigilant and aware of information provided by the Tupelo Police Department.

The Tupelo Police Department evacuated Walmart and a nearby store as a safety precaution after the pilot threatened to hit the plane with a Walmart store. Local police said the plane started circling around 5 a.m. on Saturday and remained in the air for more than three hours.

Police said they contacted the pilot directly after the store threatened to hit the plane. He asked citizens to stay away from the area until everything is clear. Police said the danger zone for this type of aircraft is much larger than that of Tupelo.

Law enforcement told the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal that the plane left the airspace around Tupelo and was flying near a Toyota manufacturing plant near Blue Springs.

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