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VIDEO: Russian soldier caught stealing in Kherson, see what he stole from zoo on the go



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Russian soldier robbed at Kherson Zoo.
In the video, a donkey, a llama and some unknown non-vegetarians can be seen packing on a bus.
Around 15,000 medical artifacts and instruments were also stolen from hospitals.

Kherson (Ukraine). The city of Kherson in Ukraine has been occupied by Russia for the past 8 months, but now it has become independent from Russian occupation. But by the way, Russia was accused of theft. This allegation became truer when pro-Russian journalist Anna Dolgareva herself confirmed it. He wrote in his telegram that the only good news he had regarding Russia’s withdrawal from Kherson was that his friend had managed to steal a raccoon from the Kherson zoo. It was strange to say, but it became more true when it was discovered that the Russians looted the Kherson zoo before withdrawing from the big city.

Russian soldier Oleg Zubkov shared a video on his own YouTube channel. In this video Zubkov gave the caption “Oleg Zubkov catches the raccoon with his bare hands”. Oleg Zubkov documented the theft of animals from the Kherson Zoo. In the video, a donkey, a llama and unknown non-vegetarians can be seen being transported on a bus. Now this video is being shared a lot on social media.

In the video, Oleg Zubkov can be seen pulling the raccoon out of one cage and keeping it in another. Along with this, he proudly shows off his talent for catching raccoons. He can be seen holding the raccoon’s tail and carrying it into the cage. The head of Ukraine’s animal rights movement, Oleksandr Todorchuk, said the raccoon’s theft was ordered by a Russian commander. They said they took most of the animals from the zoo to Crimea. It included many animals including llamas, donkeys, squirrels.

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Oleg Zubkov said two wolves, a llama, a donkey, seven raccoons, peacocks, guinea fowl and pheasants were brought to his park and kept in cages, but the animals were not what Russia has stolen from Kherson. According to a Kyiv Post report, around 15,000 medical artifacts and instruments were also collectively looted from hospitals.

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