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VIDEO: The gray whale gave birth to a child in front of a tourist, people made a video, you can also see this incredible moment



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A gray whale gives birth in front of a group of tourists in California
The tour group captured the unique scene on their cellphones
Safari Service also posted the video on its YouTube channel.

Washington. In California, United States, a 35-foot-long whale (gray whale) gave birth to her child in front of tourists present. According to a report by Metro, the boat of the whale-watching tour group, Captain Dave Dana Point, was also there. The tour group captured this unique scene on their cellphones. Safari Service also posted a video of this rare sight on its YouTube channel. Captain Dave Dana Point Dolphin & Whale Watching Safari shared the video, writing: “As the boat slowly approached the Gray Whale, whale watchers noticed something unusual about her behavior, passengers and crew. crew saw something orange and red in the water. Within seconds, a baby whale was born in the bloody water, happily swimming around its mother. After that, people captured this baby whale in their phones. In the video, the mother whale can be seen pushing her newborn off the surface of the water.

The video posted by Captain Dave has been viewed over a million times, with many users expressing their happiness. One user wrote, “Congratulations to the new mum”, one wrote, “grey whales are on the rise, another miracle from God”. Another wrote: “It will be amazing to be there and see.”

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According to Safari, gray whales prefer to give birth in the warm, protected lagoons of Baja California, Mexico. However, this particular baby seems to have been born before his mother had access to warm water. Gray whales live near the west coast every year. All of these travel 10,000 to 12,000 miles between Alaska and the Baja California Sea.

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