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VIDEO: The woman created a row on the plane, then people threw her off the flight



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A video of the theft has gone viral on social media
The woman had to fight dearly in flight
Vote made to remove woman from flight

For some time there have been numerous incidents of strange passenger behavior on domestic and international flights. This time, air passengers have taken matters into their own hands after a woman got into a fight with another passenger on a Frontier Airlines flight from New Jersey to Atlanta. According to a report by The Independent, the people showed democracy and voted to evict the woman who is quarreling with the theft.

According to the report, a dispute had arisen over the allocation of seats. The original video of the incident was shared on social media platform Tiktok. In this video, passengers can be seen raising their hands. In the video, one of the passengers can be seen saying, “If you want to get the woman out of the flight, raise your hand.” After that, many passengers can be seen raising their hands.

viral video on social media
The passenger said, “If you want the woman removed from the flight, please raise your hand. I’m not kidding, if you can hear me and want this woman off the plane, raise your hand. I can see 40 supporting hands.

The caption for that video read: “I know we’ve all seen many wild plane videos but this man singlehandedly convinced the entire flight to vote out a woman.”

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