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VIDEO: Ukrainian family were celebrating girl’s birthday, then building was destroyed in Russian missile attack



Kyiv. A heartwarming video has emerged of a family celebrating a little girl’s birthday shortly before a Russian missile strike. The missile destroyed the apartment in the city of Dnipro, where the girl was celebrating her birthday. 40 people were killed in this attack. This information was given in a report by the New York Post.

Mykhailo Korenovsky, the head coach of the Dnipropetrovsk region boxing team, was killed in Saturday’s attack, the BBC reported, but his wife and children are believed to have survived the attack. Three children were killed in this attack, while more than 30 people are still missing.

A heartwarming video of Korenovsky celebrating his baby boy’s birthday with his family in a yellow kitchen has gone viral on the internet. The video was shared along with a photo of Korenovsky’s destroyed apartment after the missile attack. However, the date this video was made is not known.

In the video, a girl in a leopard print dress receives a birthday cake with candles. His family can be seen happily singing “Happy Birthday.” The girl embraces her family members and kisses them with love. Translated into English, the caption of the video reads: “Today this video will be all over the internet, it will be shown by celebrities, it will be seen by millions of people… Of course, it will not bring back not Misha to life”. It won’t make his family happy…’

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