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Video: Uproar in street race in America, bottles and rocks thrown at police, two arrested



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Several passers-by called 911 to police for flouting traffic rules while street racing
When the stuntmen were asked to move, they started throwing firecrackers, bottles and rocks
An officer was injured in the attacks and had to be hospitalized

Washington, Seeing a street race in Texas, America, it turned into a big showdown. The local police department said in a statement that the incident happened at 9 p.m. Saturday after several passers-by called 911 to inform them of the street race flouting traffic rules. However, when the police on duty asked them to move, the crowd began throwing firecrackers, bottles and rocks at them, causing a scuffle between the police and the stuntmen.

Police accused the cars and the crowd of blocking an intersection, setting off fireworks and creating a stampede situation. A police statement said the crowd of rioters had dispersed and the intersection was reopened at 9:46 p.m. However, after approximately 45 minutes, several vehicles belonging to an automobile club began to create a ruckus, posing a hazard to ordinary citizens.

This time, people (Attack on Texas Police) attacked the police who came to evacuate the crowd with stones and bottles. Along with this, many people also attacked the officers with a laser on their eyes. Police added in the statement that rocks and bottles were thrown at patrol vehicles causing damage. Two people were arrested for evading arrest. An officer was injured in the attacks and had to be hospitalized.

people caught in the fire
In a video that has gone viral on social media, a truck can be seen coming out of the fire lit on the ground. Seconds later, a small explosion sends the fire moving towards the crowd. Some people came under the influence of fire during the incident. Some of them are seen taking off their clothes and running for protection, while others can be heard cheering and laughing.

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