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VIDEO: US fighter jet destroys Chinese spy balloon, Biden praises pilots



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America shot down a Chinese spy balloon flying in its maritime zone
Video of collapsing Chinese spy balloon goes viral on social media
President Joe Biden congratulated the fighter pilots involved in the operation

Washington. American fighter plane On Saturday, a suspected Chinese spy balloon was shot down off South Carolina. The video of this moment is going very viral on social networks. Since this affair, the tension between China and America has further increased. Pentagon officials said this spy balloon had been flying over North America for several days. After that, US President Joe Biden approved the shooting down of the spy balloon, military officials supported the president’s decision, fired a missile from an F-22 fighter jet and destroyed the spy balloon.

Twitter user Haley Walsh said she “heard and felt” the explosion of the spy balloon in Myrtle Beach, a popular resort town in South Carolina. Meanwhile, crowds in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and Boardwalk Beach cheered as an F-22 jet missile destroyed the balloon.

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