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Video: US President Joe Biden’s wife kisses Kamala Harris’ husband, watch viral video



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Joe Biden’s wife Jill kisses Kamala Harris’ husband
The video went viral on social media, people gave different reactions

Viral video of Joe Biden’s wife: A video of Joe Biden’s wife is going viral on social media. The video of Joe Biden’s wife kissing Kamala Harris’ husband (Joe BidenWife Viral Video) at the US House is going viral on social media. So far, millions of people have seen it. U.S. First Lady Jill Biden kissed Vice President Kamala Harris’ husband Doug Emhoff before the State of the Union address on Capitol Hill on Tuesday. Whose video went viral on Twitter (Twitter Viral Video). On Tuesday night at the National Capitol, President Joe Biden delivered his second State of the Union address. Shortly after, the video of the two kissing went viral on Twitter.

People are sharing the video on Twitter with different captions. One person wrote on Twitter, “Jill Biden just kissed Kamala Harris’ husband on the lips.” Another tweeted, “Did Jill Biden kiss Kamala’s husband on the lips.” After Republicans took control of the House of Representatives, Biden delivered his first major speech to a divided Congress. He encouraged Republican “friends” to cooperate.

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The US economy says better
Joe Biden said in his State of the Union address on Tuesday (local time) that the US economy is in a better position to grow “than any country on earth” despite COVID-19 and the invasion of Ukraine by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Biden began his speech by greeting newly elected Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy.

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