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VIDEO: When the woman refused to give the number, the man attacked her with an axe! restaurant fight



Many men are such that they cannot listen in matters of love. They feel that whatever they want from a woman, they should get it immediately. They then consider the woman’s refusal as an insult. Recently, an American did the same thing. These days, a video of a person is going viral on social media, who created a ruckus in the restaurant (American man fight in restaurant over woman) right after a woman refused.

According to the report by the Daily Star site, Michael Palacios, a resident of New York, was in a McDonald’s (A man attacks with an ax in a McDonald’s) around 2 p.m. Then he saw a girl there who was with her friends. Michael asked the girl for her number and proceeded to ask her for her home address. The girl did not like Michael’s attitude, so she refused to give information. Right after that, Michael started creating a ruckus there.

The man took out the ax in the restaurant
Speaking to the Daily Star, several eyewitnesses said that even after the girl refused, Michael wouldn’t walk away from it, so his friends intervened and an argument with Michael started. After that, the debate turned into a fight. Michael endured the beatings of these people for some time without giving any reaction, then pulled out a small ax from his bag hanging on his back. After that, he started attacking the woman’s friends and ransacked the restaurant. He broke the glass and the table. We also see people running here and there in fear of him. After that, he left from there, but later the police arrested him. Eyewitnesses said that Michael was drunk, when he approached him, the smell of alcohol came very strongly.

the video goes viral
An account named @WorldLatinHoney posted this video on Twitter, which has been viewed over 20 million times and thousands of people have also retweeted it. Michael’s violence is clearly visible in the video. In another video posted in the comments section, Michael is seen riding a bike down the road and abusing someone sitting in a car.

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