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VIDEO: Why do you become a parasite, return to your country – Racial commentary on Indians in Poland



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Racial abuse of an Indian exposed in Warsaw
American citizen calling an Indian a parasite, a narcissist and an invader
The incident happened outside the Atrium Reduta shopping center in Warsaw, the capital of Poland.

Warsaw. A case of racial abuse has come to light with an Indian in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. At this time, the date on which the incident occurred is not known. But the clip is now going viral on social media platforms. It can be seen in the video that an American calls the Indian citizen a parasite, a narcissist and an invader. After the video went viral on social media, users reacted very strongly to it.

Social media users claim the incident happened outside the Atrium Reduta shopping center in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. We can see in the video that the American man first interrogates the Indian man and asks him why are you in Poland? Indian youth does not answer this question. The young man just asks why are you making the video? But the American was not silent and kept making racist remarks for several minutes.

In the video, the American says ‘Why are you in Poland? Why don’t you go back to your country? I am from America, there are many people like you. Why are you destroying Poland? The person further says that what do you think you can infiltrate in Poland, you are an invader. The invaders return to their country. You are not a Polish citizen, this is only for Polish citizens. Stop infiltrating Poland.

Who is the American behind the video, we do not know at the moment. However, many netizens claimed that the man behind the camera was the alleged founder of Goim TV, John Minadaev. This television is said to be known for its anti-Semitic views and is often embroiled in controversy.

In the video, the person further says that ‘You have India! Why do you come to the white man’s country to snatch our hard work? Why don’t you build your own country? Why do we become parasitic? You are the massacre of our caste. You are an invader, go home, invader.

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