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Violent fire caused by an explosion at a dairy farm, 18,000 cows died in the blink of an eye



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A fire broke out after the explosion in West Texas.
This fire broke out on a dairy farm, which was extinguished within hours
More than 18,000 cows have died from burns on the farm.

Washington: A painful accident has occurred in the American West of Texas. A massive explosion ripped through a dairy farm, killing more than 18,000 cows. This is the first such incident in America in which so many cattle have died. According to a Reuters report, the explosion took place on Monday at the South Fork dairy farm in Dimmit, Texas. The fire broke out in the farm through a building. Black smoke had spread throughout the area.

According to a Reuters report, the farm was owned by a family that was Texas’ largest milk producer. The fire crew had to work hard for hours to extinguish the fire, then it was learned that more than 18,000 cows had died. Firefighters said the dairy farm worker was trapped there, who was rescued by authorities and admitted to hospital. At present, the cause of the fire is under investigation. County Judge Mandy Geffler said it was suspected an equipment malfunction could have caused the explosion.

Beginning in 2013, the Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) began tracking these incidents. Which shows that over the past decade, around 65 lakh animals have been killed in such fires, most of which are chickens. However, this Texas farm fire was the most devastating fire involving livestock. According to a statement from the Animal Welfare Institute (AWI), there are no federal regulations to protect animals from fires and only a few states have adopted fire safety codes. Texas is not included in this.

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