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Violent fire in an Indonesian oil depot, 15 dead, 50 injured, the search continues for 16 missing people



Jakarta: Rescuers and firefighters continued their search and rescue operations on Saturday following a massive fire at a fuel storage depot in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, but 16 people were still missing. At least 15 people died in the depot fire. Pertamina’s Plumpang Fuel Storage, a fuel storage depot operated by the state-owned oil and gas company Pertamina, is located near a densely populated area in the Tanah Merah region of North Jakarta. It provides 25% of Indonesia’s fuel needs.

Fire officials said at least 260 firefighters and 52 firefighters are engaged in extinguishing the blaze in the surrounding area. Eko Kristiawan, manager of the Java region of Pertamina, said the preliminary investigation revealed that the fire started due to the rupture of the pipeline, probably due to lightning during heavy rain. People living near the depot said they could smell a strong smell of gasoline, which caused some people to also vomit and a violent explosion occurred around eight o’clock in the evening.

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