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Wanted to make a world record by drinking alcohol continuously, now gone from the world



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After meeting two Canadian women, they tried to complete the challenge of 21 cocktails
The emergency medical service looked very bad after poor health
Children, sister and other family members went on vacation with a British tourist

British tourist dies Alcohol consumption is said to be harmful to health, but excessive consumption is fatal. Such a case was highlighted in the island nation of Jamaica, located in the Caribbean Sea, where a British family had gone on vacation. British family patriarch Timothy Southern, 53, tried all 21 cocktails on the bar menu at the Royal Decameron Club Caribbean in St Ann’s here. He died after his health deteriorated because of it. This incident was recounted in May 2022.

According to the report in NDTV, according to the New York Post, 53-year-old British citizen Timothy traveled to southern Jamaica for a vacation with his family. The children, the sister and other family members also accompanied them for the holidays. There he tried to drink the 21 cocktails included in the bar menu.

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According to a Metro report, Britain’s Timothy drank 12 cocktails at the Royal Decameron Club Caribbean in South St Ann. After finishing 12 cocktails at the club bar, he returned to his hotel room and developed acute gastroenteritis from drinking alcohol. He got sick. After that he died.

His family members say he tried everything to save Timothy but failed. He also blamed emergency crews, saying they failed to care for Timothy effectively.

A parent told Staffordshire Live that Timothy was choking so I put him in the recovery position and screamed for an ambulance. As soon as Timothy came into a state of recovery, he threw up. I was screaming Timothy’s name. Despite this, no response was received.

He said when the nurse came I said an ambulance was called so she said ‘no’. I thought maybe she would handle the situation. But it didn’t go as planned. During this time, I saw that Timothy’s body temperature was dropping. When I checked his pulse, I couldn’t find it. He said his pulse continued. I started losing it. I saw Timothy’s face everywhere and thought he was dead. I told the nurse not to sit down just to watch him start CPR. After that, he only pressed his chest. Maybe if he had known what she was doing, he might have been alive. Relatives of Timothy say the service and treatment given to him during the emergency was truly disgusting and absurd.

The initial inquest into Timothy Southern’s death revealed that he had been drinking cognac and beer since morning. During it, he met two Canadian women, who were trying to complete the 21st Cocktail Challenge before midnight to celebrate their birthday. A GoFundMe page has been started by Southern’s family to raise the cost of returning her body to the UK.