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Warning 17 shaped sharks have escaped from the grasp of the search team, the tracking device is not working



Viral news: A 17-foot shark has disappeared into the sea. It was captured by a search party two years ago. But it hasn’t been known for a few days. A tracking device was installed in the shark. This shark was captured by the Ocearch team during the 2020 Nova Scotia Expedition. It was the largest shark ever, so it was kept in honor of local people.

The Ocearch team was investigating to collect more information about the shark. So, after catching him, the team installed a tracking device to track his movements for the next five years.

tracking device has been installed
Osarch CEO Chris Fischer told the Daily Star: “We don’t know what happened to Nukumi. Something happened and her beacons were damaged or damaged. During this time she was in the middle We’re guessing she’s fine as we got some light hints from her tag after a while, but nothing can be said for sure at this time.

The shocked research team
Nukumi was first caught off Nova Scotia. The team collected data from Nukumi for 21 different research projects. This includes an ultrasound, taking bacterial samples from his teeth, and using stool samples to learn more about his diet. The team also took blood, muscle and skin samples. The researchers also placed several tags on the shark to track its whereabouts and plan to monitor it over the next five years. However, these beacons stopped providing information last summer.

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