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We consider the whole world as one family, India is ready to help in every disaster – Prime Minister Modi said in Sydney



Sidney. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while addressing the Indian community in a wide-ranging program in Sydney, Australia, counted India’s achievements. Along with this, he said that India considers the whole world as one family and wherever there is a disaster in the world, India is always ready to help.

Addressing a packed Kudos Bank Arena in Sydney, Prime Minister Modi said: “Today India is called a force for global good. Wherever there is a disaster, India stands ready to help. Recently, when the earthquake wreaked havoc in Turkey, India reached out through “Operation Dost”.

“India is the biggest and youngest talent factory in the world”
Addressing the Indian Diaspora, Prime Minister Modi said, “India is not lacking in capability, India is not lacking in resources either. Today, the country with the largest and youngest talent factory in the world is… India.

Prime Minister Modi said: “The country that carried out the fastest vaccination program in the world during the Corona outbreak…that country is India.” Today, the country with the fastest growing economy in the world is… India. Today, the country that is the world’s largest consumer of smartphone data is India.

Prime Minister Modi said here that India is a living civilization thousands of years old. India is the mother of democracy. We have shaped ourselves according to the times, but we have always remained faithful to our fundamentals, fundamentals.

Prime Minister Modi also said, “We see the nation as a family and see the world as a family. When India decides on the theme of its G-20 presidency, it says: une terre, une famille, un avenir (one land, one family, one future). When India sets big goals for solar power to protect the environment, it says – One Sun, One World, One Grid. When India wants the global community to be healthy, it says – One Earth, One Health…’

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