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We never said the train crash happened because of the mistake of the British, Rahul’s taunt on the center



New York: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi who is visiting America has targeted the central government and the BJP over the Odisha train crash and said they never talk about the future and always blame the one or the other for their past failures. Rahul, who is visiting America, addressed the Diaspora at the Javits Center here. People on the show kept silent for 60 seconds for the peace of souls of those who lost their lives in the Odisha train crash.

Without naming the Congress Minister, Rahul Gandhi said, “I remember a train accident happened during the Congress reign. At that time, Congress did not say that “the train wreck happened because of the mistake of the British”. The Congress minister had said, “It’s my responsibility and I’m resigning.” The problem in our country is that we make excuses, we don’t accept the truth and face it. He said BJP and RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) are not visionary. Significantly, at least 280 people died in the train crash in Odisha. After the incident, many questions arise regarding railway safety. Some people are also demanding the resignation of Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav.

VIDEO: Our responsibility is not over yet… Ashwini Vaishnav cried as soon as he spoke about the Odisha train crash

Rahul Gandhi said: “He is trying to drive…India’s car and he is driving looking behind (in the mirror). That is why they don’t understand why the car is wobbling and why it is not moving. “Even with BJP and RSS, same with everyone. You listen to the ministers, listen to the prime minister. You will never find them talking about the future. They only talk about the past. The Congress leader said: “The BJP and RSS are not visionary, they never talk about the future, they only talk about the past and always blame someone from the past for their failures.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said there is a fight between two ideologies in India – one that the Congress believes in and the other that the BJP and the RSS believe in. Rahul said, “The easiest way to explain it is that you have Mahatma Gandhi on one side and Nathuram Godse on the other.” He also appreciated the Indo-American community living in America.

Rahul Gandhi added: “All the great men who came from India, you can see they all have special qualities. They sought the truth, spread it and fought for it. All were humble and didn’t have any kind of arrogance in them. That’s how Indians worked in America and that’s why Indians are successful here. I respect you a lot for that.

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