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“We will have all the weapons except the nuclear bomb, now France will give a fighter plane…” The great demand of the Ukrainian defense adviser



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The French defense committee has indicated that it accepts Zelensky’s demands
The indication to give fighter jets came after Britain and Germany decided to send tanks
Together with France, the Netherlands plans to supply F-16 jets to Kyiv

Kyiv, Having met Ukraine’s demand for a large number of advanced tanks (Advance Tanks), Western countries will now also donate combat aircraft to Zelensky. According to an article by the British news site The Telegraph, the chairman of the French Defense Committee indicated on Thursday that he accepted Zelensky’s requests for fighter jets for Ukraine. The indication that France is giving fighter jets comes days after Britain and Germany decided to send tanks. Enthusiastic about the help received, the adviser to the Ukrainian Defense Minister said that apart from nuclear weapons, there is nothing left that Ukraine will not get.

Together with France, the Netherlands plans to supply F-16 jets to Kyiv. Currently, America and Britain are increasingly supporting Ukraine. Despite this, Ukraine faces many difficulties in the fight against Russia. Zelensky said in an interview that right now the whole world is helping Ukraine, but Putin is waiting for the day when all countries will be tired. He was referring to the slow Western response to the demand for tanks and fighter jets.

Significantly, given the growing aggression of the Russian military, Zelensky had demanded tanks and fighter jets from Western countries in the past. Ukraine is also claiming the tank because it believes Russia is developing new aggressive attack plans, signs of which are already visible in Ukraine’s Donbass region.

Zelensky pointed out that Russian forces have already made advances in Bakhmut and Vuhledar and elsewhere. Fighting around the eastern town of Bakhmut has intensified in recent weeks, with Russia claiming several successes in its campaign there.

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