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What disease does Nepalese President Paudel suffer from? Still no improvement in health, referred to AIIMS Delhi for treatment



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Nepali President Ram Chandra Paudel’s health has not improved.
Will be admitted to AIIMS Delhi, lung infection.

New Delhi: Nepalese President Ram Chandra Poudel will be admitted to AIIMS in Delhi for treatment. Paudel, 78, was taken to Maharajganj University Hospital in Kathmandu after complaining of respiratory problems. According to Baikunth Thapaliya, the head of administration at the hospital, President Paudel is undergoing treatment but he will now be transferred from Maharajganj to AIIMS in Delhi. According to the media, President Ram Chandra Paudel has a lung infection.

Paudel was taken to hospital after his oxygen level dropped. Prime Minister Pushpakamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ had gone to the hospital to inquire about Paudel’s condition. The Kathmandu Post newspaper quoted an adviser to the president as saying, “He has been taking antibiotics for 15 days but his condition has not improved. At a cabinet meeting last Tuesday, it was decided to deploy a team of government officials for his treatment.

Paudel was treated for four days
Earlier this month, Nepalese President Paudel’s health deteriorated twice. He was discharged from hospital after four days of treatment. President Paudel was admitted to Tribhuvan University Hospital, Maharajganj on April 5 after undergoing a four-day treatment in Kathmandu. According to the official statement released by the hospital, Paudel complained of abdominal pain, after which he was taken to hospital. Two weeks earlier, Nepal’s top congressman, Ram Chandra Poudel, was sworn in.

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