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What is China’s role in the effort to restore relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia?



strong points

Iran and Saudi Arabia restore diplomatic relations after a long period.
Having such an agreement between the two countries in China is a great achievement for China.
This step is considered a success of China internationally.

Consider some international political equations from some time ago. Iran and Saudi Arabia have been at odds for a long time. Saudi Arabia has normal relations with America but very good relations with China. The United States is Iran’s sworn enemy, but bitter relations with China have bordered on the level of hostility. Iran and China are close. One of these big changes happened, Iran and Saudi Arabia took steps to improve their mutual relations and it was said that China had an important role to play in this regard. There is also a lot of shouting about this issue on social media. It remains to be seen what color China’s role can bring in this.

What happened?
Iran and Saudi Arabia have agreed to mutually restore diplomatic ties and open embassies in both countries within two months while continuing talks in China. Iranian state media released photos and videos of Ali Shemkhani, secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, in which he is seen with Saudi national security adviser Mussad bin Mohammad Al Aiban and senior diplomat Chinese Wang Yi.

what did china say
Iranian TV Razaki said that after the implementation of the decision, the foreign ministers of the two countries will meet to prepare the exchange of ambassadors. In this footage, Wang warmly praised the wise decision of the two countries. Wang said the two countries have shown seriousness and understanding, which China fully supports.

how much can we expect
In international circles, he is considered a good but great start. While it is also true that it may be too early to make big decisions on this, but bringing the two countries to the same platform for talks is no less a great achievement. With this, there is a possibility that a new light will dawn in the direction of peace in the Middle East.

beat america
From a strategic point of view, we can say that by doing this, China took some points from America. Where America has a role or another in every dispute in the world because it is the greatest superpower in the world, America’s contribution in this matter is even remotely nil. It is believed that this will increase China’s stature internationally. And now many people are also saying that China is in talks with Russia and Ukraine, so that it can help solve the Ukrainian crisis.

Middle East equations will change
There is a lot more to happen of which this is only the beginning and it will be interesting to watch the sequence of events to come. If Iran and Saudi Arabia get closer, which is not impossible now, many equations in the Middle East will change. Iran’s power will increase and America’s supremacy will increase because America is already trying to get closer to Saudi Arabia. In such a situation, Saudi Arabia’s proximity to Iran can also harm it.

bad for america
Saudi Arabia’s distancing from America will be detrimental to America because it will only increase the distance of OPEC countries from America, that Russia does not fully support America in the war against Ukraine. On several occasions, America has asked these countries to change oil production to affect oil prices, which these countries have rejected. On the other hand, America will never take China’s growing influence in the Middle East as a good sign for itself.

At present, the regional challenges in the Middle East are many: Iran and Saudi Arabia are bitter rivals in Yemen, Lebanon and Syria, where military conflicts continue in one form or another. Saudi Arabia severed ties with Iran in 2016. While Saudi Arabia is a majority Sunni country, Iran is said to represent a Shia country. Thus, the root cause of the tensions between the two countries is the Shia-Sunni conflict. The whole Middle East is divided on this issue. But many countries including the Iranian-Arab now seem fed up with the military conflict.

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