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What is the case of the secret document in which Donald Trump is indicted?



Washington: It seems that Donald Trump’s dream of living in the White House for the second time will remain unfulfilled. The legal vice tightens on them. Trump said Thursday he was accused of keeping classified documents after leaving office. This allegation may create the biggest legal crisis for Trump yet. Three months earlier, he had been charged in New York with 34 counts of falsifying business records. According to sources, 7 allegations have been made against Donald Trump in the investigation of confidential documents.

After all, what are the allegations, why is Trump’s case different from other politicians, let’s understand…

what are the fees
According to two people who are aware of this indictment but are not officially authorized to speak in this case, Trump has been charged with 7 counts related to confidential documents. Although the allegations are still unclear and have been kept sealed. Trump said Thursday night on his social media site Truth Social that DOJ attorneys informed his team of attorneys. It is also unclear whether or not anyone else will be charged in this case.

how the case came out
In 2021, when an official from the National Archives and Records Administration felt that some important documents from Trump’s time in office were missing from the collection, he contacted Trump’s representatives. According to the Presidential Records Act, White House records are considered the property of the US government and are protected. Trump officials told the National Archives in December 2021 that the documents were found at Mar-a-Lago, the president’s residence in Florida. In January 2022, the National Archives seized 15 boxes of documents from Trump’s home in Florida. Later, officials from the Ministry of Justice said that they had a large number of confidential documents. Subsequently, in May, the FBI and the Justice Department issued a subpoena to obtain the remaining classified documents in Trump’s possession. When the team got there, they found about 3 dozen additional documents. Meanwhile, Trump’s attorneys had said on the affidavit that all requested information had been returned.

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But that statement also turned out to be false, when federal officials arrived at Mar-a-Lago in August 2022 with a search warrant, they recovered 33 boxes containing a total of 11,000 documents, including 100 classified documents. In total, about 300 confidential documents were recovered from him, among which were also highly confidential documents.

How did the special adviser join
Last year, U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed U.S. Attorney Jack Smith, a veteran war crimes prosecutor with experience investigating public corruption, to lead an investigation into the presence of documents classified in Trump’s estate in Florida. A special adviser is appointed when the Department of Justice itself is grappling with the case. or it is believed that it would be in the public interest to appoint a representative outside of government.

what is an indictment
An indictment is a formal charge against someone involving a grand jury. The jury is made up of members of the community – these members and their votes agree that there is enough evidence to charge someone with a crime. The indictment against Trump is currently sealed, but once the document is made public it will reveal the crime or crimes Trump has been charged with.

Will impeachment knock Trump out of the presidential race?
Trump will not be excluded from the 2024 presidential race due to indictment or conviction.

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