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What is the power of the fighters of the Wagner group, where do they stand against the Russian army?



Moscow. Until a day ago, Yevgeny Prigozhin, leader of the Wagner mercenary group fighting the war in Ukraine with the Russian army, now openly rebelled against Russian President Vladimir. The fighters of Prigozhin, considered very close to Putin, left Ukraine on Saturday morning and started marching towards the Russian capital Moscow.

Many experts call this military rebellion the biggest crisis in President Putin’s political career and perhaps that is why within hours President Putin appeared on TV and addressed the countrymen. During this, he called the Prigozhin military rebellion a betrayal and betrayal and assured to protect Russia and all its citizens at all costs. Thereupon he said that this rebellion is a great threat to our country and we will take strict action against it.

In such a situation, the question arises as to how powerful this group of Wagnerian mercenaries is and where does it stand against the Russian army, which is one of the largest armies in the world?

White House officials estimate that there are around 50,000 mercenaries in the Wagner Group. It has also been claimed in some media that around 40,000 of these soldiers have criminal backgrounds, who were recruited into the Wagner group in Russian prisons.

On the other hand, if we talk about the Russian army, it is considered the fifth largest army in the world, in which there are about a million active personnel. One problem, however, is that most of these soldiers are fighting in Ukraine. The Institute of War Studies estimates that the number of troops there is around three lakhs. At the same time, Western officials estimated that Russia had lost more than a million soldiers on the battlefield in Ukraine.

What weapons do Wagner’s fighters have?
The Wagner group was still fighting alongside Russian troops in Ukraine. In such a situation, these fighters also use all weapons, including Russian tanks and air defense equipment. However, it is also said that the Wagner Group also purchased additional weapons from North Korea.

The United States claimed last year that North Korea had supplied several weapons, including cannonballs, to the Wagner Group. However, Pyongyang dismissed them as empty “gossip”.

How much are Wagner fighters paid?
It is unclear exactly how much the Wagner Group mercenaries are paid. Although in some reports it has been stated around 9000 Pounds or around Rs 9 lakh per month, while according to some reports these soldiers are paid less than a few hundred Pounds salary.

Meanwhile, Russian soldiers were being offered a minimum of 160,000 rubles (Rs 1.5 lakh) a month during a recruitment drive in September.

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