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What PM Modi told SCO on ‘Ukraine’ doesn’t change India’s position: S Jaishankar



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PM Modi talks with Putin during SCO meeting, India’s position on Ukraine war – Jaishankar.
“The Indian government has called for a speedy end to hostilities between the two countries.”
Jaishankar said – India will express its views on this issue at the United Nations.

Washington. Speaking on India’s stance on the war in Ukraine, Foreign Minister S Jaishankar said Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s remarks during his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Samarkand were the stance from India. There is no change in India’s position on the conflict in Ukraine. As he pointed out, the Indian government has called for a speedy end to hostilities between the two countries.

Responding to a question about Russia’s referendum in Ukrainian territories, Jaishankar told a group of Indian journalists here on Wednesday that India would express its views on the matter at the United Nations, according to PTI. He said I think that’s a matter that will be looked at. I think that’s a matter for the United Nations. So I urge you to wait and see what our ambassador over there has to say.

He added that we express our concerns about the conflict, the urgency of ending hostilities quickly, the need for dialogue and diplomacy. It was only natural that if the Prime Minister of India and the President of Russia met, these matters would be discussed, and I think that is what the Prime Minister did.

S Jaishankar further said that the position taken by the Prime Minister is in line with the position we took earlier. Prime Minister Modi inspired Russian President Putin to end the conflict in Ukraine, saying today is not an era of war. He even called for finding ways to address the global food and energy security crisis.

Jaishankar said that the issue of Ukraine will naturally continue to be included in all important international discussions.

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