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When pulled over for speeding, did wonders, got his dog to sit in the driver’s seat, still not saved from the sharp eyes of the police



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A driver attempted to put a dog in the driver’s seat to avoid arrest.
A Colorado police officer spotted the driver performing the maneuver.
The person attempted to show signs of intoxication.

Springfield. People rarely think seriously about the consequences before breaking the rules. But once they are seen caught in the clutches of the police, then to protect themselves, they do a lot of such activities, which make no sense. Such a feat was seen in America, when the police tried to stop a man who was driving faster than the prescribed speed, then he tried to quickly change places with his dog. Colorado police say a driver pulled over for speeding tried to put his dog in the driver’s seat to avoid arrest.

Colorado police said in a Facebook post that the driver was seen maneuvering inside the car before leaving the vehicle on the passenger side overnight in Springfield, a town of about 1,300 people. in the eastern plains of the state. Police said the man said he was not driving and was clearly trying to show signs of being drunk. Police say when asked how much he had been drinking he began to run away from the officer and was apprehended after walking about 20 yards (18m).

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After that, the arrested driver was taken to hospital for examination. Despite all his maneuvers, this man could not escape police custody. Police later arrested the man on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, and based on a previous arrest warrant.

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