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When the passengers’ breath got stuck, the person ran to open the plane door in the middle of the sky



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The passenger was taken near the plane’s exit door and staff kept a close watch
Police had the drug sample tested and it turned out to be positive
In America, a person is said to have opened the plane’s emergency door last year.

Seoul. Nowadays, many strange acts of people flying in the sky are highlighted. Those who travel on airlines are considered decent and elite class. But the way bad things manifest during air travel, after which the perception about it is changing now.

The latest case came to the attention of a Korean passenger traveling from the Philippines to Seoul on Jeju Airlines who attempted to open the plane’s doors mid-flight. . The air passenger explained that the reason behind this was a complaint of pressure in the chest. However, this 19-year-old was caught before he could do anything like that.

According to the CNN report, after about an hour of the flight, the person started behaving strangely. Jeju Airlines officials told the outlet that the passenger had been moved to the front row of the plane, closer to the exit door, where staff could watch him closely.

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Immediately after moving the seats, he immediately walked to the emergency door and tried to open it. The airline said in a statement that he was immediately subdued by the crew. After that, he was tied down with a rope to keep him under control for the rest of the trip. However, officials say no passengers or equipment on the plane were injured in the incident.

The incident is said to date from last Monday, June 19. The airport authority said when the plane landed at Seoul’s Incheon Airport, the passenger was handed over to police at 7:30 a.m. Meanwhile, the police took his drug sample and tested it, which came back positive.

Police told CNN he was charged with violating the Aviation Security Act. An arrest warrant has been issued against the passenger. Speaking to the media, the man said he felt like he was being attacked.

A similar incident also happened last month. In the United States, a man has been arrested for allegedly opening an emergency door on a plane and activating its emergency slide before takeoff. The unidentified man was on a Delta Airlines flight to Seattle.

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