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When this person became the richest person in the world for 2 minutes! Trillions of rupees suddenly arrived in the account



Everyone hopes for such a miracle to happen to him that he will become rich overnight. Everyone’s heart is tempted to hear the news of shows and lotteries that make millionaires get rich, but it’s not in everyone’s luck to get rich by shortcuts. But there was such a person in history who suddenly became the richest man in the world for 2 minutes for 2 minutes and he didn’t work hard for it.

According to the Unilad website report, in 2013 Chris Reynolds from America entered the discussion because of this reason because he became the richest man in the world for 2 minutes. According to the report, when Chris suddenly opened his PayPal account in July 2013, his senses were blown away. $92 quadrillion had arrived in his account. For estimation, let’s say 92 quadrillion means 92 trillion and above that number in dollars. Now you can guess what this number is. If you say numbers, that number is: $92,233,720,368,547,800

man became the richest person in the world

The person had provided information about this by posting their PayPal statement. (PayPal/Chris Reynolds via

Person’s senses blown after seeing money
Now, when so much money comes into someone’s account, what will be his condition? Of course, this person will start fainting. At the time, while speaking to CNN, Chris also said that when he saw the money he felt someone was joking with him. He said he earned a maximum of Rs 81,000 on PayPal selling vintage BMW tires on eBay. When he complained about it to the company PayPal, his employees were also stunned.

The company admitted its mistake
When PayPal employees learned of their mistake, they apologized and released a statement saying it was a mistake. PayPal was happy that Chris informed them of the error. After that, the company offered to donate the money to any trust Chris chose. Speaking to the Philadelphia Daily News, Chris said if he had really made that much money, he would have paid off his debt with some of that money.

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