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When will mum be home? Children Ask Husband Of Woman Who Suddenly Disappeared, Lips Shake



Aurat Gayab: A mother of two children suddenly disappears. On the disappearance of his children, ask their father where is the mother? They don’t have an answer on that and they’re shaking about what to say to the kids about their mother? This incident comes from Lancashire, England. It was the seventh day of the search for the disappearance of Nicola Bulli, mother of two children. But until now, nothing was known about them. Bully was last seen walking along the River Wyre in Lancashire around 9.15am. She was talking on a business call.

The woman’s father tells Ernest Mirror that he is completely broken. Although he is in the same room as his granddaughters, aged six and nine, he continues to ask questions about his mother. He said, “When I see the children, I have to leave the room because I can’t see them. ‘They ask where mum is and when is mum coming home? It’s very difficult.

The family say the girls were “crying” when their father, Paul Ansell, tried to convince them that “mom was lost”. “We don’t know how long we will continue before they realize it. They feel that mom will be home soon, but if it continues, they don’t know what we’re going to tell them.

Ernest and Bully’s family wondered if she had been carried from the shore, as there was “no sign” that she had slipped or fallen in the water. If so, there should have been a clue. Bulli was making plans for the future with his family before he disappeared last week.

The 45-year-old and his younger sister Louise had spoken the day before he disappeared, planning a spa getaway and researching treatments they could have their mother, Dot, try. Dot, 72, said she was closest to a sister. Bully also recently bought tickets for her beloved daughters to see the choir and the upcoming gymnastics show.

The family also vowed not to give up their research. Bully dropped off her two daughters at a primary school in the village of St Michael’s in Lancashire around 8.45am last Friday. She then moved to a nearby towpath along the River Willow, but has not been seen since.

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