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WHO: Due to Covid-19 there have been problems in preventing malaria, 63,000 additional deaths have occurred.



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The corona epidemic has caused problems in the prevention of malaria
The WHO report said – 63,000 deaths occurred over
1.3 million people contracted malaria

Geneva, Switzerland). The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted efforts to fight malaria, leading to 63,000 additional deaths and 13 million more worldwide in two years, according to a World Health Organization (WHO) report released Thursday. The United Nations health agency said Thursday that cases of the disease increased in 2020 and continued to slow in 2021.

Last year, about 95% of the 247 million malaria infections and 619,000 deaths worldwide were from Africa. Abdislan Nour, a senior official in the WHO’s malaria department, said, “We weren’t on the right track before the pandemic and now the pandemic has made things worse.” Alister Craig, dean of biological sciences at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, said progress in reducing malaria deaths had stalled before Covid-19.

The malaria vaccine will be available from next year
Noor said he hoped that if enough children were immunized by the start of mass vaccination of the world’s first licensed malaria vaccine next year, it would ‘significantly help’ reduce the number of illnesses. serious and fatal. . He said more than 20 countries have requested vaccines. The vaccine is only about 30% effective and requires four doses.

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