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Who is Bharatvanshi Amit Kshatriya? Who NASA appointed to lead the “Moon to Mars” mission



Washington. Bharatvanshi Amit Kshatriya has been appointed head of NASA’s “Moon to Mars” program. Amit Kshatriya is a software and robotics engineer and has worked at NASA for 20 years. The “Moon to Mars” program was recently launched by NASA. The agency said Amit Kshatriya would assume the responsibility with immediate effect. NASA said this is a new mission whose goal is to complete the Moon and Mars exploration program for the benefit of mankind.

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said Amit Kshatriya had been given a great responsibility. The “Moon to Mars” program will help carry out the tasks necessary to prepare for the next big leap of humanity to Mars. This program will also be useful for sending important missions to the Moon. This mission will also be useful in preparing to send the first man to Mars. The office attached to him will work on the development of equipment and risk management for these missions. He will take charge of the mission from planning to analysis.

Amit joined NASA in 2003, has done many projects
Bharatvanshi Amit Kshatriya’s career started with NASA, he joined NASA in 2003. Here he started as a software and robotics engineer. His main task was to assemble the robotics of the International Space Station. From 2014 to 2017, Amit Kshatriya served as Space Station Flight Director. During this time, he operated the operations and flights of the international astronaut team.

Amit Kshatriya received the Medal for Outstanding Leadership
Amit Kshatriya received NASA’s Outstanding Leadership Medal. Amit also received the Silver Snoopy Award, this award is given for successfully taking astronauts to the space station and returning them safely. Additionally, the Silver Snoopy Award is given for the Dragon’s robotic engineering of commercial orbital transport services. Amit Kshatriya did graduate studies in mathematics at the University of Texas.

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