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Who is James Marape? The leader of Papua New Guinea, who rose to prominence by touching Prime Minister Modi’s feet



Port Moresby. Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached Papua New Guinea on Sunday on the second leg of his three-country tour. This is the first visit by an Indian Prime Minister to Papua New Guinea. Papua New Guinea Prime Minister James Marape received India’s Prime Minister at the airport, who touched Prime Minister Modi’s feet as a sign of respect.

Usually Papua New Guinea does not formally welcome any leader who arrives after sunset, but this was an exception for Prime Minister Modi and he was officially welcomed. Sharing some photos of the reception ceremony on his Twitter account, Prime Minister Modi described it as a “very special welcome”. The Indian community also warmly welcomed the Prime Minister.

Reacting to James Marape’s “feeling” for Prime Minister Modi, BJP national spokesperson Sambit Patra tweeted: “Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea respects Prime Minister Narendra Modi by touching his feet. This deep scene is an example of India’s development and influence under the leadership of PM Modi.

Papua New Guinea Prime Minister James Marape has been in the news since Prime Minister Modi touched his feet, so let it be known:

James Marape has been Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea since 2019 and belongs to the Pangu Pati political party.

Marape, 52, made an exception by doing this especially for PM Modi. He has not done this for any other world leader.

James Marape graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in 1993 from the University of Papua New Guinea.

James Marape also holds an Honors Graduate Diploma in Environmental Science and a Masters in Business Administration.

James Marape is the 8th Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea and has also held senior ministerial posts in governments in the past.

James Marape also served as Parliamentary Secretary for Public Works and Transportation and served on the Parliamentary Reference Committee on Intergovernmental Relations.

James Marape resigned from the National People’s Congress party in 2019, then joined the Pangu party.

According to a Guardian report, in 2020 an unsuccessful attempt was made to overthrow the government of James Marape through a vote of no confidence.

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