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Who is Tick Talk CEO Sho Ji Chew and why is he in the news?



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Shou Ji Chew is the CEO of ByteDance, the Chinese app company Tiktok.
US lawmakers are questioning Tiktok’s security flaws.
Chew is named CEO of Tiktok from 2021.

There was a time when an app named Tiktok was famous all over the world. Thousands of people became famous in their country and in the world as a Tiktok star. But what are we talking about Tiktok today, is it banned in India, which countries have banned it, etc. Currently, Tiktok is making headlines for another reason related to these and that is because of its CEO Shou Zi Chew. American lawmakers asked pointed questions of Chew and not being satisfied with his answer, he was jailed for six hours and that is why Chew is now making headlines around the world.

a big doubt
Speaking of Tiktok, despite its popularity, it is suspected that this app can be used by China to collect consumer information and in this way this app is a China spy tool that can be useful for anyone. country and consumer. danger for. It has more than 15 million consumers in America itself.

trouble on tiktok
Tiktok is entirely a product of the Chinese company ByteDance. Concerns about this have been raised in America in the name of national security for some time. This doubt is repeatedly raised that China can access the data of millions of Americans through this application. US lawmakers were questioning Chew on this issue.

Chewing on MP envelopes
The case was so heated that when Chu was making his point in the US Parliament, the representatives cut him off, saying the app posed a huge threat to America’s national security. Deputies from both the Republican and Democratic parties were involved in questioning Chew just as aggressively. Questions posed to Chew also included issues such as the ability to make changes to Tiktok content.

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Tiktok has become a controversial app in recent years. (Representative photo: Pixabay)

Hai Chew from Singapore
Show Ji Chew, 40, is originally a Singaporean businessman and entrepreneur who serves as CEO of Tiktok from 2021. Born in Singapore, Chew’s father worked in construction and his mother worked as a an accountant. Upon graduation, he became an officer in the Singapore Armed Forces.

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study business in london
After military service, Chew continued his education at University College London, where he completed his undergraduate studies in economics and earned an MBA from Harvard Business School in 2010. After that, he also completed a Facebook internship for three years.

World United States, United States, China, TikTok, Search, TikTok CEO, Shou Zi Chew, TikTok Ban,

Sho Ji Chew studied economics and business administration in London. (Representative photo: Wikimedia Commons)

How to reach the first position of Tiktok
After graduating, Chew worked as a banker at Goldman Sachs in London for two years, after which he worked at DST Global. In 2013, he also led the team of early investors at ByteDance. After that, in 2015, Chew became the CFO of Xiaomi and in 2019, he also became the President of International Affairs of the same company. Two years later, he was named CEO of ByteDance.

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This month, a hearing is being held in the US Parliament as part of legal efforts to ban Tiktok, on which Chew had to clarify the doubts raised about Tiktok. It is expected that after the completion of this process, Tiktok will also be banned in America. France is currently the new name in the list of banned countries. It has been banned in India since the year 2020.