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Why did America leave UNESCO, but what is the “Chinese factor” regarding its return?



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The United States officially left UNESCO at the end of 2018.
Since 2011, he had stopped donating money to UNESCO.
Now America wants to come back to stop China’s growing influence.

Recently, America expressed its intention to join the United Nations organization, UNESCO. Reporting, UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay said the United States had officially announced that it wanted to join UNESCO from July 2023. Ten years ago, the United States left UNESCO with Israel because UNESCO offered to make Palestine its member. But this time the discussion about America’s withdrawal is not about Israel Palestine but about China. What are China’s and America’s concerns about this?

unesco benefits
On the other hand, UNESCO and other member countries are happy for America’s return because this organization will receive huge financial support. And many UNESCO programs, including programs to deal with climate change, encourage women’s education. America owes UNESCO six million dollars, which has not been paid for nearly a decade.

America’s concern
It is said that this time with the return of America, it also expressed its intention to repay the outstanding debt, but also took the name of China. US officials say the decision to pull out was inspired by China circling the empty space created by America leaving the institution, worried about which America decided to pull out.

Worried about China’s influence
America is particularly concerned about China influencing minds and policies for artificial intelligence and technical education around the world. US Under-Secretary of Management and Resources Richard Verma, while presenting the plan to return to UNESCO, also touched on debt repayment.

Why America left UNESCO
America and Israel refused to donate money to UNESCO in 2011 when the proposal to include Palestine as a UNESCO member was adopted. After that, in 2017, the Trump administration parted ways with the organization completely. It was during this time that UNESCO’s anti-Israel attitude and management issues were cited as the reason.

Reform of UNESCO
In a letter to UNESCO, Verma spoke of UNESCO’s management reform and the decline of political debate, particularly in the Middle East. This application was submitted to UNESCO by a delegation in Paris. At the same time, UNESCO also worked on its budgetary and financial management reform and did a remarkable job of building consensus among diplomats from Jordan, Palestine and Israel on sensitive proposals from the UNESCO.

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