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Why Iran’s Commander-in-Chief wants to kill Donald Trump



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Iran’s Commander-in-Chief has reiterated his determination to eliminate Donald Trump.
Iran wants to avenge the death of its former military commander Qasim Sulemani from Trump.
Iran holds Trump responsible for deteriorating US-Iranian relations.

Amirali Hajizadeh, head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Aerospace Force, said he would kill former US President Donald Trump, who held the presidency before January 2021. By the way, this statement is not new from the All. But this time it happened at a time when Iran was developing its new cruise missile (New Cruise Missile of Iran) which has a range of 1650 km with the intention of killing Trump. I want to avenge the death of the Iran’s top military commander killed in a drone attack in Baghdad.

Things change
The changed geopolitical equations after the Russo-Ukrainian war brought Iran closer to Russia. In such a situation, the development of missiles can increase the tension of America, while Iran has already given its drones to Russia, because of which there has been a lot of destruction in Ukraine. At the same time, Russia can also strengthen Iran by providing significant military assistance and can reduce the effect of sanctions imposed by America.

once again repeated the intention
Iran repeatedly speaks of avenging the murder of its top military commander Qasim Sulemani, something Hajizadeh repeated this time. Hajizadeh said Iran had no intention of killing “poor soldiers” when it attacked US-led forces in Iraq. This attack was carried out with a ballistic missile after the death of 2020 Soleimani.

So why the threat to kill Trump
Iran holds Trump responsible for Soleimani’s death and the sanctions imposed on him by Western countries, ending the Iran nuclear deal. Trump served as President of the United States from January 2017 to January 2021, during which time relations between Iran and the United States deteriorated, after which Iran’s economy deteriorated due to sanctions.

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Iranian leaders repeatedly speak of avenging the murder of their former military commander Qasim Sulemani. (Representative photo: Pixabay)

Television interview with images of missiles
Hajizadeh said in a statement on state television that his new cruise missile has a range of 1650 kilometers and has been included in the arsenal of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The first images of a cruise missile named Paveh were shown on the show. In the same TV interview, Hajizadeh reiterated interest in killing Trump.

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want to kill someone
In the interview, Hajizadeh said, “By the will of Allah, we want to kill Trump, (former US Secretary of State Mike) Pompeo.” He further said that the military commanders who ordered Soleimani’s killing should die. Iranian leaders have repeatedly reiterated their determination to avenge Soleimani’s death at every opportunity.

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It was Donald Trump who ended the nuclear deal with Iran. (Representative image: Wikimedia Commons)

iran usa relations
Iranian-American relations have not gone well for many decades. Before the Trump regime, former President Barack Obama had a nuclear deal between Europe-America and Iran to prevent Iran from making a nuclear bomb, which was abolished by Trump and imposed sanctions on Iran. ‘Iran. After that, Sulemani’s murder made the situation worse, after which Iran holds Trump responsible for all of this.

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It was only after Trump imposed harsh sanctions on Iran that Iran accelerated work on building a nuclear bomb and also manufactured it and Iran also gave away its dangerous drones to Russia in the Russo-Ukrainian War. Moreover, Iran has recently reached an agreement with Russia, so that such drones can now be manufactured in large numbers in Russia itself. For this reason, America’s concerns have greatly increased.

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