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Why is the opinion of Asian and Western countries different on the war in Ukraine?



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The ongoing war in Ukraine is not expected to end even after a year.
At the end of the war, Western countries and the rest of the world seem divided.
The world is also divided on why Western countries support Ukraine.

After a year of Russian-Ukrainian war, many analyzes have been made about it. Whatever their conclusions, one thing is clear: the odds of ending the war are showing more and more signs of receding and turning horrific. But what do the peoples of the world want on this issue? In an opinion poll conducted in Asia, Europe and America, it was found that different countries have different views on this (countries are divided on the war). It is clear that countries around the world view this issue through different lenses. But it is also necessary to see why there is such a difference in views and whether this will have an effect on the war, or any side of it.

who did the survey
Regarding the war that started on February 24 last year, the jury of the inquest could not conclude whether the Russian-Ukrainian war should end or not. In this survey by the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) and the University of Oxford, opinions were taken from people in 9 countries of the European Union, including Russia, the United Kingdom, Turkey , India, China and America.

Opinions are divided
In this survey, while the peoples of Turkey, India and China want the war to end even if Ukraine loses part of its territory, on the other hand the peoples of America, Western Europe are opinion that this war should not end without Ukraine. even if the war lasts longer and more and more Ukrainians have to sacrifice themselves for it.

“The West and the Rest”
Since the start of the war, today America and its European allies are seen as more united and focused, whereas a year ago confusion and disagreement were clearly visible on many issues. It was said in the report that there is a huge difference between “the West and the rest”, that is, the West and the rest of the world.

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The peoples of Europe and America, that is, the countries of NATO (NATO), want at all costs the victory of Ukraine in the war. (Representative photo: shutterstock)

differences of opinion
There is a difference of opinion among the people of the world, i.e. the countries that participated in the survey, that they want to see the outcome of this war in one form or another. People also have a different understanding of why Europe and America support Ukraine. In this opinion poll, questions were asked to 19,765 people from these countries.

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What do the peoples of Europe and America want?
The peoples of European countries as well as the governments there also believe that the only way to stop the war is to win the war (by Ukraine). Likewise, the American people believe that if peace is to be maintained for long, Ukraine must regain its lost territories. But the people of Asian countries have no such views.

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The peoples of India and China regard Russia as their partner and ally. (Representative photo: shutterstock)

the war must end
In Asia, 42% of Chinese believe that the war in Ukraine should end even if Ukraine has to cede part of its territory to Russia. On the other hand, this desire is more in India and Turkey. 54% of Indians and 48% of Turks want the war to end.

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At the same time, there is disagreement between Western countries and Asian countries regarding Russia. Where 79% of Chinese see Russia as their partner and want their country’s cooperation with Russia to continue, while the people of Turkey and India also have a similar opinion, while in both countries more people ‘Indians regard Russia as their friend. But 70% of Americans and citizens of the European Union see Russia as their adversary or their enemy.

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