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Why is there a delay in getting US visa for Indian students? A US official explained the reason, also gave good news



New Delhi: The dream of Indian students to study in the USA is getting longer due to the lack of documents required for the i20 student visa form. There is a lot of backlog in getting USA visa for Indian students due to non-availability of i20 form. Meanwhile, a US official on News84Media India clarified that Indian students will soon receive this form and there will be a massive interview as soon as it is received. At the same time, he indicated that the long waiting list for tourist visas will always remain intact.

Margaret McCloud, First Secretary for Public Diplomacy at the US Embassy, ​​said there was nothing to worry about for Indian students. The number you see on the internet (visa wait) is not for students. There are important things, which contain admission letter and i20 form with admission and most students don’t have the same i20 papers. We will only open appointments for a large number of students when most students have the admission letter and the i20 form.

The US official said that the i20 forms are from US universities and many Indian students do not have this form, but when the student season is over, we will conduct full-scale interviews. This month we are giving priority to students, so we will reduce the interviews for tourist visas in order to be able to nominate more Indian students. Will the 500-day waiting time remain for a few more days, in response to the question, the US official agreed.

He said that at present, the number of Indian students in America is close to 2.5 lakh and among foreign students, the number of Indians in America is 23%. Indian students who travel to the United States on a student visa can get a job on campus in the first year and also have the opportunity to work outside after the first year. There is also a one-year training after graduation.

He added that currently there are the same regulations for Indian students as there are for normal travel. Students need vaccines approved by the WHO. American universities are looking for talent and intelligence in students and there are many facilities to attract these students. There is a scholarship in America and it is on the basis of merit.

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