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Why this move from North Korea caused a stir in Japan, locals were seen running for safety



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North Korea warns Japan and South Korea by firing record 23 missiles in one day
One of the missiles created a state of alert in Japan
In response to North Korea, South Korea also fired three missiles one after another.

Tokyo, North Korea fired a series of ballistic missiles on Thursday, one of which put Japan on high alert after a series of missiles were fired near South Korean waters. According to a report by the Yonhap news agency, central and northern residents were warned to take shelter as the missile passed near Japan. The J-Alert emergency broadcast system said residents of Miyagi, Yamagata and Niigata prefectures in northern Japan were warned to take shelter indoors on Thursday.

North Korea fired 23 missiles
North Korea fired a record 23 missiles in one day, putting Japan and South Korea on high alert. About 25 minutes after the first notification of the launch, the Japanese Coast Guard said the missile landed in the Pacific Ocean, 1,100 kilometers east of Japan. On the alert issued during the missile, it was said that a missile had flown over Japan. However, the Japanese Ministry of Defense later said the missile did not fly over Japanese territory.

South Korea fired three missiles in response
Tension rose between the two countries after a North Korean missile fell near South Korean waters. Responding to North Korea, South Korea also fired three missiles one after another and made it clear that it would not bow down either. According to the Korean News Agency, this missile was fired in response after North Korea fired a dozen missiles. Earlier, North Korea threatened to use nuclear weapons to make the two countries pay the most terrible price in history after witnessing the maneuvers of South Korea and the United States.

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