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Will 6G wireless technology recharge the human body? According to the study, it is possible



New Delhi. The development of technology to meet the ever-increasing demands of the world is far ahead of the speed of electricity. With the help of technology, there is talk of flying cars in the future, for which we may have to wait a little longer, but it will be a great success to get familiar with new technology.

Researchers from the University of Massachusetts, located in the US town of Amherst, claimed to have found in one of their studies that the human body can be used to harness lost energy and it can be used to power devices in the future. .

The human body could then act as an antenna that would power not only a range of portable devices, but possibly larger electronic devices as well. Another breakthrough that researchers have promised… is the possibility of 6G Visible Light Communication (VLC). It is similar to a wireless version of fiber optics, which uses flashes of light to transmit information.

Ji Xiong, professor of information and computer science at the University of Massachusetts, is the lead author of this research paper. He described VLC as “pretty simple and interesting”. Professor Xiong added: “Instead of using radio signals to send information wirelessly, it uses light from LEDs that can cycle on and off up to a million times per second.

According to him, VLC is such an infrastructure that is already present everywhere. People’s homes, vehicles, streetlights and even offices…all places are lit with LED bulbs. It can also transmit data. “Anything that has a camera, like our smartphone, tablet, or laptop, can act as a receiver,” Xiong said.

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