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Will China’s alliance with Russia spark a new Cold War?



From the beginning, many concerns were raised in Western countries regarding the Sino-Russian alliance. While the Russian-Ukrainian war turns out to create many revolutionary equations at the geostrategic and geopolitical level in the world, the deepening of relations between Russia and China is also seen as at least a major turning point. Both countries are staunch opponents of America leading the West. The meeting of the two is a danger for America and the world. Today, many experts have openly expressed their apprehension that a new cold war is about to begin in the world.

A sign of the return of the Cold War?
America sees the jugalbandi of Russia and China as a threat to democracies. America argues that China is creating an international imbalance by supporting Russia against Ukraine. the conversation According to the article, the meeting between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin is a sign of the Russian-Chinese alliance as well as the return of the Cold War.

what is the cold war
The term Cold War originated after World War II when the Soviet Union and the United States began a competition for supremacy rather than an arms war. In this, more efforts have been made to push forward by showing themselves better than others in all areas and to bring other countries under their influence. This competition was clearly visible from the production of weapons to space and even the Olympic Games.

two opposing ideologies
Geopolitically, these two opposite poles were different in many ways. Where America represented the capitalist economy, the Soviet Union represented communism. Germany also had two sides in these camps known as East and West. But the most dangerous aspect of this cold was the arms race, and the danger of nuclear war on both sides hung over the world at any moment.

after the cold war
By the end of the 1980s, the Cold War was officially over with the disintegration of the Soviet Union and the reunification of the two parts of Germany. After that, America remained the only economic superpower in the world, and after America, Russia became a superpower only in terms of armaments. Because of this, America has become the most powerful country in the world and has become a champion of democracy.

what happened today
The screw comes here that communism did not completely end with the end of the Soviet Union, but it remained in Russia and China. Meanwhile, in the 2010s, China began to rapidly emerge as an economic superpower, due to which America began to be directly challenged. At the same time, NATO’s expansion in Eastern Europe began to “worry” Russia, and when neighboring Ukraine expressed its intention to join NATO, Russia was unhappy , resulting in the Russian-Ukrainian War.

America’s Enemies Unite
The unification of China and Russia could be the unification of two enemies of America and America fears that this will directly challenge its supremacy in the world and trigger a new cold war. This apprehension of America is not without foundation. Although Russia and especially China showed no signs of becoming such a pole apart, instead being careful not to send such a message, Jean’s past behavior and the two’s enmity with America have come closer. .