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Will the Russian Minister of Defense commit suicide? Putin’s leader gave advice after defeat in Ukraine



Strong points

Russian Deputy Chief Kirill Stremosov stationed in the Kherson region advised the Minister of Defense to commit suicide
Ramzan Kadyrov is also worried about the defeat of the Russian army and told the Colonel General good and bad.
Russian leaders have been angry over the withdrawal of Russian forces from the main town of Lyman in eastern Ukraine

Kyiv. In Ukraine, as part of Russia’s ongoing “special military operation”, voices of protest have begun to rise from within, after failing to achieve the expected success. A Russian leader based in an occupied Ukrainian city advised Putin’s defense minister to commit suicide out of shame. According to a report by the Reuters news agency, Russian Deputy Head of State Kirill Stremosov, stationed in the Kherson region, said that President Vladimir Putin’s Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu should commit suicide in because of the defeat in the war in Ukraine.

In his four-minute video message, Kirill Stremosov publicly criticized the army general and the ministers sitting in Moscow for not understanding the problems on the front line. He went after the Minister of Defense, saying that in fact, many people say that if he was a Minister of Defense, who allowed such a situation, he would have committed suicide as responsible.

Although ministers are not publicly humiliated in Russia, some Putin allies have gone out of their way to berate ministers, including top military generals, following successive defeats in the war in Ukraine.

Chechen leaders also furious
Ramzan Kadyrov, the head of the autonomous region of Russia, also berated senior military officers, worried about the defeat of the Russian army. Kadyrov, who commands a private army fighting in Ukraine, previously demanded that the commander of the Russian army in eastern Ukraine be stripped of his medals and sent to the front to fight. He criticized Colonel General Alexandre Lapin, calling him mediocre. The Chechen leader has started denouncing military leaders since the withdrawal of Russian forces from the main town of Lyman in eastern Ukraine.

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