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Will Trump drop out of the presidential race? I was shocked by these allegations



Washington: Donald Trump faces allegations of hoarding classified documents. Trump says the indictment won’t force him out of the presidential race. Donald Trump will appear in court on Tuesday to answer the charges. Trump said Thursday that in 2021 he was accused of keeping classified documents after leaving office.

According to AFP information, Donald Trump arrived in Miami on Monday to face charges of hoarding classified documents. Trump will appear in court on Tuesday to respond to the allegations. Trump is also accused of sharing sensitive American secrets with people who had no security clearances. Significantly, after leaving the White House, Trump was searched at his Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida for certain confidential documents. The FBI entered Mar-a-Lago with a search warrant and recovered approximately 11,000 classified documents. In these serious allegations against Trump, he can be sentenced to up to 20 years in prison.

From the nuclear program to military information… Donald Trump hid secret documents in his storage room

Trump posted on his Truth social network that “we must all stand strong and defeat the communists, Marxists and radical leftists who are systematically destroying our country.” Former President Donald Trump called “ridiculous and baseless” the 49-page indictment released by the Justice Department after months of investigation by a special prosecutor.

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