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Woman celebrated her 101st birthday, says – drinking tequila is the secret to my long life



Generally, if you’re thinking about healthy living and longevity, doctors recommend staying away from alcohol. But one woman said the secret to her long life was Tequila. This woman celebrated her 101st birthday last week. This lady named Mary Flip has lived a long and happy life so far. They believe tequila is the elixir of life.

Mary, who lives in Arizona, USA, celebrated her birthday on November 2. When her daughter asked what was her suggestion to live a long life. The mother-of-six said: ‘Oh, the secret of my age’. I do not know. It’s tequila. His family members were also surprised to hear this. Let us tell you that tequila has an alcohol content of 40-50%. It was first made in Spain. Later, Mexicans went crazy about it.

love tequila
According to the British newspaper The Mirror, her love for tequila would have developed when she lived in Mexico. When she was 18, Mary moved to Mexico alone because she had lost her mother and sister. She had been in depression for a long time. Later, they married in Mexico itself.

this passion
According to the Daily Mail report, during this period, she turned to art and started making a career out of it and became a well-known artist recognized by the Chicago School of Art. It was during this time that Mary and her husband also had their first child, and Mary also pursued her passion for tequila.

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